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USF System Policy Regarding USF ID Cards for USFSP

It is the policy of the University of South Florida that all Students, Faculty, Administrative and Professional (A&P), University Support Personnel System (USPS) and OPS personnel must obtain and carry the USF ID card while on-site. Courtesy cards are available upon request to temporary USF employees, volunteers, and staff members of University related entities. Retired USF employees are entitled to a retiree card.

ID Card

The USF ID card is primarily used for identification, for verification of USF status, and for using University services, such as the Library, the gym, the pool, the purchase of parking decals, obtaining passes for University sporting, Etc.

St. Petersburg ID Card Center: Library (POY 221)

Phone Number: 727-873-4409

The USF ID Card Center has special hours.


Payment: Students will no longer have to pay for the ID card at the time of issue. Instead, students will be conveniently billed through their university account. The cost of the initial card is $10. Replacement cards will be charged $15.

Faculty and  Staff

Payment: Your first ID card will be complimentary. Replacement cards will be charged $15. Faculty and staff replacement cards can be purchased at the USFSP ID card center using Visa or Mastercard.

  • Persons requesting an ID must visit the ID center located on the 2nd Floor of the library ( POY 221).
  • Legal identification (passport, driver’s license, or State/Government Photo Identification card) must be presented to obtain an ID.
  • Student IDs require proof of enrollment.
  • Faculty, and staff IDs require a copy of their letter of offer from the University or a copy of their appointment status papers.*


Who can use my USF Card?

Only you can use your USF Card. Use of the USF Card by anyone other than the person to whom it was issued is strictly prohibited. The Cardholder is subject to disciplinary actions or other penalties for improper use of the card.

Do I have to pay for a replacement card?

NO: If the card will not hold re-encoding, the photo is fading, The card’s front and back have come apart, the name and number is fading, or the lamination is peeling off.

Yes: If a hole was punched in the card to make a keychain, if it was chewed by a pet, if it has been warped due to extreme exposure to heat, if it was folded in half and broken, or if it has been subjected to extreme abuse.


What should I do if I lose my USF Card?

Lost cards should be reported to the Instructional Media Center immediately. Return found cards to the Reference desk on the main floor of the Poynter Library. The cardholder is responsible for paying for the replacement of a lost card.

How do I make my USF Card an ATM Card?

If you already have a USF Card, you can activate the ATM feature at USF Federal Credit Union, or at the Tampa USF ID Card Center.

Use your USF Card to access the following services:

  • Obtain a USF Email Account
  • Use the facilities and check out materials in the USF Library System
  • Obtain entry into USF athletic events
  • Visit Student Health Services
  • Educational Outreach Validation
  • Use the Academic Computing computer labs
  • Campus Recreation Center Members can gain access into the center
  • Purchase merchandise at the campus bookstore