Graduate Studies

Citing references

Once you locate a useful article, you may want to look for articles that have cited that work after it was published.  This may yield additional useful resources for your own research.  You may see citing references in databases or on links to full-text articles.  In addition, Google Scholar and Web of Science are excellent sources for citing references.

Electronic Alerts

Many of the journal publishers allow you to set up electronic alerts so that you will be sent the Table of Contents whenever a new issue is published.  This is a great way to keep up with journals in your field of study.

In addition, many databases also allow you to set up search alerts that will email you a notification if a new item has been added that meets your search criteria or if a new article has cited a work that you would like to follow.  

Most of these resources require you to set up a free login account to use these features.  Check the "help" features in any database or journal site to see if e-alerts are provided.

For assistance in setting up e-alerts, contact a Poynter Librarian.