Legal Studies

Legal Databases

Law review articles are academic journal articles written by legal scholars in the field.  They are usually very in-depth regarding the particular topic.  For new/emerging areas of law, law review articles can be helpful resources.  Below are some databases that contain law review articles.  Users can run keyword searches to find relevant articles.

Connecting to Full Text Articles

The Findit@USF button is a linking tool that connects you to the full text of the article.

  1. If the article is available Full Text, as list of databases that provide access will appear at the top of the pop-up window. Click on one of those links to access the full text.  TIP  -- in the new window that opens up, look for the words full text, .pdf, or download article to access the article.
  2. If the item is NOT available electronically, click on the Inter Library Loan link, log into your account, and order the article from another library.  The majority of articles requested through ILL will be scanned and made available to you as an electronic .pdf.