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Interlibrary Loan and Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Where do I pick up and Return my ILL Items?


Pick Up

Most articles are received by the ILL office electronically and delivered to you via email. Physical copies of articles are held at your Library Services Desk. (Faculty and Staff with campus mailpoints may opt for mailed articles during ILLiad registration.

Due to copyright issues, the library cannot retain articles. Therefore, it is important that you check materials electronically delivered for any problems, such as missing or illegible pages within one week of delivery. If you find any errors after that time frame, you will need to submit a new request for that article.

Incoming loans (books) are held at your home campus Library Services Desk under your last name. A current picture ID card is required to check-out ILL materials – no exceptions. Only the person whose name is on the ILL request may pick up an ILL book. Each library has the right to restrict the use of materials to “in-house use only”. This may be due in part to rarity, frailty or other extenuating circumstances.



Materials borrowed from another USF Library (i.e. Tampa, Sarasota, de la Parte Institute (FMHI), Health Sciences Center, Lakeland) may be returned to any USF library.

Materials borrowed from non-USF institutions (identified by an informational band/label on the front cover) must be returned to the Library Services Desk of your home library. Do not use book drops – this includes book drops inside the building proper. Do not remove the band/label from the item you have borrowed. It is your responsibility to observe and adhere to these restrictions. Failure to do so may result in holds or penalties applied to your account.