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Question: Questions about Billing and Fines for Circulating Items


What are the fines for overdue items?

USFSP Books & Media: 

The fine for overdue library books and media is 25 cents per item per day beginning the day following the due date. Due dates may be stamped on a date slip in the item or printed on the self-check receipt. Due dates are also listed on the patron’s library account. Fines for 75 cents or less are not immediately collected, but accumulated fines of $1 or more are processed. The fine will increase by 25 cents per item for each day to a maximum of $10 per item.

USFSP Reserve items:  

3 hour loan items such as calculators, study room keys, and certain course reserve items are subject to an overdue fine of 25 cents per item for every hour (or part of an hour) late.

1 day, 3 day, and 7 day loan items such as flash drives and certain course reserve items are subject to an overdue fine of $1 dollar per item for each day.

*** Laptops are subject to overdue fines of $5 per hour (or part of an hour) ***

Certain reserve items may be renewed at the circulation desk at the discretion of library staff if demand is low.


Where do I pay my fines?

Overdue items should be returned to the Circulation Desk. Fines will be processed and available for payment within the next 1-3 business days. Fines may be paid online through OASIS at or at the Cashier’s Office in Bayboro Hall 132.

* Please note that OASIS charges an additional $10 for online payments.

*Non-USF patrons do not have access to our online renewal system or to OASIS for payment of library fees.  For questions on how to pay library fines please call the circulation desk at  727-873-4405.

How can I avoid overdue fines?

USF patrons may use our online system to monitor your library account for upcoming due dates, recall notices and to renew items.

Non-USF patrons must bring their library materials to the circulation desk for renewal.


I did not receive any notices that my items were overdue, do I still have to pay overdue fees?

An overdue notice maybe sent as a courtesy, but it is the patron’s responsibility to ensure appropriate return of materials whether or not a notice has been received.

What are the fees for lost library items?

Lost materials should be reported to the Circulation Desk to initiate the pricing and billing process. Report lost items .The patron will be billed for the item, the amount of the overdue fine, if any, plus a $10 processing fee.

If an item is not reported lost, the fine will accumulate at 25 cents per day until the maximum fine of $10 is reached. The item will then be declared lost and the patron billed for the item, the $10 overdue fine, and the processing fee.

Should the borrowed item be found and returned undamaged, a credit will be issued for the price of the material and the processing fee. The overdue fine is not refundable.

Patrons should be aware that according to USF procedures, “all costs to recover outstanding debts will be passed on to the debtor.”

USF students and staff owing $50 or more will be blocked from further borrowing until the fine has been paid. Non-USF patrons without a U number will be blocked as soon as accumulated fines reach $20.

Payment for lost library items may be made at or at the Cashier’s Office in Bayboro Hall 132.* Please note that OASIS charges an additional $10 for online payments.