Textbooks Spring 2019


GEA 6195  Seminar in Adv Region Geography

  • Atlas of Florida's Natural Heritage
  • Liquid Land
  • Visions of Eden


GEB 4890 Strategic Management and Decision Making

  • Crafting & Executing Strategy

GEB 6118 793 Business Enterprise

  • Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to Build What's Next for News

GEB 6368 Global Business Environment

  • International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior
  • International Business



GEO 3112 Qualitative Methods

GEO 3352 Human Footprint on the Landscape

  • From Uneconomic Growth to a Steady-State Economy
  • Merchants of Doubt

GEO 4930 601 ST: Florida Springs

  • Silenced Springs

GEO 4930 ST: Geography of Florida

  • Atlas of Florida's Natural Heritage

GEO 4930 ST: Senior Seminar Geography

  • Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches

GEO 6113 Qualitative Research Methods

  • Participant Observation
  • The Landscape of Qualitative Research​


GIS 3006 792 Mapping and Geovisualization

GIS 4043C Geographic Information Systems

GIS 5049 Geographic Information Systems for Non-Majors

  • Cartography: Thematic Map Design
  • Getting to Know ArcGIS
  • Getting Started w/ Geographic Info Systems​
  • Spatial Reasoning for Effective GIS

GIS 6100 Geographic Info Systems


GLY 4734   Beaches/Coastal Environments (Moyer)


GRA 2190 Graphic Design

GRA 4522 Graphic Interface

  • HTML & CSS

GRA 4547L Advanced Graphic Design

  • Graphic Style Lab

GRA 4945 Graphic Design: Prof Practicum

  • Art & Fear
  • No More Rules