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Textbooks Spring 2019


JOU 2100  Beginning Reporting 

  • Associated Press Stylebook
  • Inside Reporting

JOU 3346C Multimedia Reporting

  • Aim for the Heart
  • Feature & Narrative Storytelling for Multimedia Journalists

JOU 4188 Neighborhood News Bureau 

  • Conversation of Journalism
  • St. Petersburg's Historic African American Neighborhoods

JOU 6114  Multimedia Reporting 

  • Associated Press Stylebook


LAE 4464  Adolescent Lit Mid/Second Stu 


LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals 

LDR 3363 Team Dynamics 

LDR 3365 From Conflict to Consensus

  • Why Great Leaders Don't Take Yes for an Answer

LDR 3371 Language of Leadership

  • Leadership Communication

LDR 4204 Ethics and Power in Leadership

  • Righteous Mind