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Question: Can I use the Wireless Network if I am a Non-USF Student?


The wireless network at the Nelson Poynter Library is centralized with both the USF St. Petersburg and the USF Tampa wireless networks. Centralized management and access is provided by the USF Tampa IT department. This centralized management is based on our USF NetID system, which includes a mandatory registration process limited to actively enrolled students of USF. Unfortunately, the only exceptions that we are able to this student based registration process is for 1-3 day guest access, and not for any recurring usage.

SPC students would not be able to continually use our network without being a part of the USF NetID system. The only recommended option at this time is to advise the student to consider be dual-enrollment, if a SPC student were to take a USF class then they would then be able to access our wireless network.

SAPL Members are not generally allowed to use the wireless network other than a temporary guest, but exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Dean of the Library for finite periods of time.

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Last edited on October 4, 2013