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Question: Where can I copy and print materials?


Four multifunction copier/printers are available in the atrium on the 1st floor of the Poynter Library. Three accept BullBucks payment using the USF ID card, and one is a cash based printer for incidental prints and use by visitors. Print and copy charges are as follows:

Printer Cost
Ricoh Bullbucks .11 B&W, .22 Color
Public Cash Printer .20 B&W, .20 Color

We encourage students to make use of the Ricoh BullBucks based printers. They are new, and have a reduced price per page. To add value to your account, use your student ID or number, and visit

The printer choice, ‘Public Cash Printer’ accepts coins as well as cash ($1 and $5 denominations only).

Contact Information

Berrie watsonHead, Systems & Digital TechnologyPhone: 727 873-4402

Last edited on October 5, 2015