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Library Instruction Classroom Guidelines


The library Information Commons computing area is a first-come, first-served area, which cannot be reserved. The Library Instructional Classroom can be reserved on a non-recurring basis for instructional activities and training, however a fee applies for Non-USF use of the space.
Reservation requests for the Bibliographic Lab will be scheduled by the Bibliographic Instruction Coordinator in accordance to the following order of priority:

  1. LIS credit courses offered by Poynter Library
  2. USF faculty requests for graduate/undergraduate class library research or user orientation instruction.
  3. Workshops or training sessions offered by Poynter Library.
  4. USF faculty and/or staff presentations /orientations.
  5. USF sponsored presentations for non-university groups. See schedule of fees below.
  6. Non-USF group presentations. A fee schedule applies, please see the fee table below.

Requests for use of the Library Instruction Classroom will be handled in the order in which they are received and student instruction will take precedence over other group instruction.

NON-USF Sponsored group Use of facilities

USF sponsored groups are considered those that are both HOSTED and ATTENDED by parties employed or funded directly by the University of South Florida. A Non-USF Sponsored group is any party not employed or funded directly by the University of South Florida. In accordance with USF and SUS policies and procedures, such groups will be charged for lab use whether hosting a session or receiving instruction, according to their profit or non-profit status. Any Non-USF sponsored groups as described above, must contact the Office of Systems & Digital Technology to verify any software or hardware requirements beyond those outlined in the Software Inventory and Hardware Specifications, and also contact Tina Neville (neville @ for availability and fee schedule.

Classroom Guidelines

No sessions will be conducted without the presence of a bibliographic instruction librarian, except by prior agreement.

No sessions will be scheduled until at least thirty (30) minutes after the regular opening time of Poynter Library and must be terminated thirty (30) minutes before the library’s regular closing time. Any request for an exception to these time limits should be submitted to the Bibliographic Instruction Coordinator at the time of reservation of the classroom.

No food or drink of any kind will be permitted in the Lab.
Equipment, furniture, or materials may not be removed or temporarily borrowed. The bibliographic Lab will remain locked when no session is scheduled. Appropriate use of the electronic facilities includes observance of copyright restrictions, respect of individuals’ right to privacy, and the prevention of unauthorized access by non permitted users.

Inappropriate user of the electronic faculties includes the downloading or copying of software or files when such action is not part of a classroom assignment or process; using library faculties to harass anyone or to transmit insulting or obscene electronic mail; using library faculties for commercial gain, or attempting to gain access to restricted resources. Such activities are governed by state and federal laws and may result in withdrawal of library privileges and / or further disciplinary action.

USF USF Any USF Department providing training to USF personnel (NOT Students). Free
USF Non-USF (or vendor) Any non-USF entity receiving services (demonstrations, marketing, etc.) from a USF department. $80.00 /hour
Non-USF (or Vendor) USF Any non-USF entity providing services (demonstrations, marketing, etc.) to USF personnel or students. $80.00 /hour
Non-USF Non-USF Any Non-USF based entity providing instruction or services to Non-USF personnel. $110.00 /hour
**Technical Support for All groups Installations, consultations, software support. $60.00 /hour

For more guidelines and contact information, visit the Poynter Library Public Spaces  Page.

Contact Information

Carol HixsonDean of LibraryPhone: (727) 873-4400Fax: (727) 873-4768

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