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Public Areas Guidelines

Requests by USFSP or other groups to use the Library’s public spaces for promotional or business events not directly related to the Library’s primary mission will be reviewed by the Library Dean or her designated representatives.

In general, one or more Library staff members must be present in the building while an event is underway and access will not be granted to public areas for times when the building is not open. Exceptions may be made for events of high importance to the institution. The criteria used to evaluate requests for use of the Library’s public spaces include:

Is the event important to the goals of USFSP?
Is the Library a co-sponsor of the event?
Is the event organizer affiliated with USFSP?
Is the event directed at or open to USFSP students?
Is the event planned for a time when classes are in session or during exam periods or is it planned for a break period or a time between semesters?
Is the event (and setup for it) planned for a time that it would interfere with the normal functioning of the library and disrupt the work of the students and faculty using the Library?
Will setup for the event require Library staff to reconfigure technology or otherwise assist with the setup and cleanup?
Is the event of long or short duration?
Are the event organizers prepared to reimburse the Library for staff expenses related to the event or damages to or loss of equipment and facilities?
Is the event of such importance to the long-range goals of USFSP that short-term disruption to student work and normal Library service is determined to be worth the short-term inconvenience?
Will the event organizers provide an opportunity for the Library to promote its services as part of the event, if such promotion is appropriate?

NOTE: Use of the Library’s public spaces must recognize that the space is still library space. Organizers and attendees of approved events must respect the students, their safety, and their need for quiet study space. Noise should be kept to a reasonable level and may not include the playing of loud music, conducting amplified prize drawings, or anything that would be disruptive outside of the area approved for the event. Organizers and attendees must follow fire and other safety regulations and must keep entrances and exits into the area unobstructed and may not have any lighted or flammable materials (with the exception of approved catering equipment.) Food and drink must be approved before it is brought in and organizers are responsible for cleaning up after their events and making sure that the space is put back in order before they leave. With the Dean’s permission, such areas may be used for events of short duration if the expected disruption to students and other Library patrons or staff is minimal.

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Last edited on November 9, 2013