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Library Mission


The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library’s mission is to be an active partner in the teaching, research, and learning of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s students, faculty, and staff.  We promote student-centered learning and research in an inviting, creative, and collaborative environment.  Our skilled faculty and staff strive to provide our academic community with easy access to high quality information when, where, and in the format in which it is needed.  We offer enhanced services and instruction to help students use information ethically, effectively, and efficiently.  We provide the skilled leadership needed to preserve the knowledge and institutional history of USFSP.  Through strategic community and professional partnerships we expose our campus community to additional resources, new ideas, and innovative opportunities.


We strive to be the gateway to the world’s information, working in partnership with students and faculty and leading them on the path to finding, evaluating, utilizing, creating, and preserving the information and data resources that they need to be successful throughout their lives.

Strategic Goals

  1. Support USFSP’s undergraduate and master’s level research and instruction by integrating library data and information research skills across the curriculum.
  2. Expand and improve the library’s collections by collecting, preserving and providing access to diverse resources in all formats.
  3. Increase effective use of technology to improve library services and support a collaborative learning environment, including the creation and preservation of digital collections and the expansion of virtual library services, as appropriate.
  4. Maximize the use of the physical space to support and enhance services to the USFSP community through creative redesign and regular maintenance of the facility.
  5. Facilitate the retention of skilled professional staff and enable them to succeed in meeting the demands of the changing library workplace and in strengthening the Library’s participation in and support of the USFSP mission.
  6. Continue to champion the advancement of online/distance learning for USFSP through rigorous assessment, professional development, and continuous improvement undertaken in collaboration with the Colleges, individual faculty and external partners.
  7. Continue to build partnerships with the external community to maximize opportunities and develop additional resources.


  • We value the discovery, exchange, and development of ideas in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • We value the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and the creation of a learning environment that is inclusive of all.
  • We value professional self-reflection leading to an open-minded consideration of the latest and most innovative resources and technologies that are appropriate to enrich the research, preservation, and learning needs of our campus community.
  • We value the principles of intellectual freedom and endorse the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights,” the “Freedom to Read Statement,” and the American Library Association’s “Freedom to View Statement.”
  • We value the principle of Open Access to information and support the work of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition and other international agencies to promote it.
  • We value collaboration and creative partnerships for mutual benefit with USF, the Tampa Bay Library Consortium, community groups, and state and national cooperative agencies.
  • We value the professional research and service contributions of the Poynter Library faculty and staff to the field of librarianship, the institution, and the academic community and are committed to enhancing the intellectual and cultural life of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay region.

The complete strategic plan for the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library is available online at:

Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values updated October 2011

Contact Information

Catherine CardwellDean of the LibraryPhone: 727-873-4400