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Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning - CITL


The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) is committed to the advancement of teaching, learning, and scholarly activity at USFSP, serving as a resource for the USFSP Community by fostering dialogue and supporting innovation relating to the scholarship of teaching and learning. CITL will enhance teaching and learning through evidence-based and innovative practices.


CITL Group Discussions
Conference Presentations
Faculty Discussions over Learning & Teaching

Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities 2018 – 2019

Call for Proposals

Deadline: April 2, 2018

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a group of actively engaged cross-disciplinary faculty who work together in a year-long program geared toward developing new teaching methods, exploring an issue related to teaching and learning, or redesigning a course or part of a course to improve the learning experience for students. An FLC can be topic based, focusing on an issue, concern, or opportunity. They can also be cohort based, for instance early career or mid career faculty, or department chairs. Each community will have between 6 and 12 members.

The CITL Executive Board will review applications and select up to 5 learning communities based on the strength of submitted proposals for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Faculty members who are interested in leading or co-leading a Faculty Learning Community during the 2018-2019 academic year should complete and submit a proposal for consideration.

Expectations of Facilitators

  1. ​​CITL will promote selected Faculty Learning Communities through a variety of communication strategies.  Facilitators are also expected to recruit and find members to participate in their community.
  2. FLC facilitators must attend an informational meeting at the beginning of Fall Semester to review expectations, best practices, communication strategies, and budgeting.
  3. Each FLC will have $5000 to spend at its discretion—the funds may be used for supporting speakers, attending professional development events, and purchasing books and instructional materials.
  4. If facilitators do not set meeting times in advance of recruitment, each FLC will determine its own meeting times when the group is established.  In general, the FLC should meet approximately 8 times during the academic year for 2 hours, typically 4 times in fall semester and 4 times in spring semester.
  5. Each FLC is expected to share its work at the annual the Bay-to Bay-Symposium (2nd Friday in February) and at the CITL Week of Teaching at the beginning of the next academic year.

Sample Themes:
Motivating Learners
Rebranding Leadership
Leading Difficult Conversations

Sample Cohorts:
Early Career
Faculty who teach Distance Learning Courses

2017-2018 Faculty Learning Community

This year, CITL is hosting a faculty learning community designed to foster communication among faculty members across disciplines and promote innovation in teaching and learning. The learning community will include 6-12 members and focus on an issue or question related to teaching. Members will spend the year reading about, researching, discussing, and finding solutions to an issue or question they would like to explore. Members are encouraged to share information about their work and any deliverables with the USFSP community at the annual Bay-to-Bay Symposium or other events on or off campus. Meetings take place every three weeks for two hours.

Watch a short video to learn more about the 2016-2017 Early Career Faculty Learning Community and FLCs in general.

2017-2018 Faculty Learning Community

New/Early Career Faculty
Facilitators: Dr. AnnMarie Gunn, Associate Professor, COE & Dr. Nikki Stowell, Instructor, KTCOB

Harris Ambush - COE
Camielle Crampsie - Library
Richard Mbatu - History & Politics - CAS
LaSonya Moore - COE
Karen Ramlackhan - COE
Wendy Rote - Psychology - CAS
Nathan Wadlinger - KTCOB
This learning community provides an opportunity for those new to USFSP to join an interdisciplinary group to explore their teaching and become more familiar with USFSP.

Applications are now closed. New opportunities for 2018-2019 will be announced in spring.

CITL Week Of Teaching

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning is proud to announce the events of the 2nd Annual CITL Week of Teaching. The week of teaching will take place on Wednesday, August 14th, and Thursday, August 15th. All sessions will take place in the NPML.  

Check out the events and register below.

Wednesday, August 15th

Thursday, August 16th


Stop by the CITL on the second floor of the library, POY219. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack and meet the team!

CITL Board


College of Arts & Sciences:
Morgan Gresham, Writing Program Coordinator, Associate Professor

Kate Tiedemann College of Business:
Nicole Stowell, Instructor of Business Law

College of Education:
AnnMarie Gunn, Assistant Professor of Education

Nelson Poynter Memorial Library:
Catherine Cardwell, Dean, Chair of CITL Executive Board & CITL Board
Otis Wilder, Instructional Designer 


Academic Affairs:
Michelle Madden, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment
Olefunke Fontenot, Interim Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

College of Arts & Sciences:
Vikki Gaskin-Butler, Instructor of Psychology 
Morgan Gresham, Writing Program Coordinator, Associate Professor
Jennifer O’Brien, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Judithanne Scourfield-McLaughlin, Founding Director of the Center for Civic Engagement & Associate Professor of Political Science

Kate Tiedemann College of Business:
Stephen Diasio, Instructor of Management
Martina Schmidt, Instructor of  Finance and Real Estate
Nicole Stowell, Instructor of Business Law
Phil Trocchia, Professor of Marketing

College of Education:
AnnMarie Gunn, Assistant Professor of Education
Olivia Hodges, Associate Dean
Zafer Unal, Associate Professor of Education

Debbie Nye Sembler Student Success Center:
Cynthia Edwards, Assistant Director

Nelson Poynter Memorial Library:
Catherine Cardwell, Dean, Chair of CITL Executive Board & CITL Board
Tina Neville, Librarian
Otis Wilder, Instructional Designer 

Quality Enhancement Plan:
Kathleen Gibson-Dee, Director

Bay-to-Bay Symposium


Bay-to-Bay Symposium on Friday, February 8, 2019.

Stay tuned for the topic.