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Dr. Barbara Jolley Receives National QM Award for Course Design

Quality Matter (QM) is a nationally recognized faculty-based peer review process that examines course design elements to assess the quality of an online course. On January 2, 2014 QM recognized Dr. Barbara Jolley, USFSP’s College of Arts and Science, for meeting the highest standards in course design for her Twentieth Century Literature (LIT 3155) course.  Dr. Jolley is also a Certified Peer Reviewer. Congratulations Dr. Jolley!!

The QM seal of recognition will now be proudly displayed in Dr.  Jolley’s online course. Additionally this course will be listed on QM’s site, bringing positive exposure to USFSP’s Arts and Science and to the campus.

QM’s review process designed and implemented by faculty who teach online courses throughout the U.S. ensures quality and alignment with accreditation standards and best practices in online learning. USFSP first joined QM in 2010 as a way to assist faculty with the development of high quality online courses.

Please contact the Nelson Poynter Library’s Instructional Media Services department for more information about QM and to learn how to use it to assist you with your online course development and refinement.

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Date: January 6, 2014