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Quick Start…Registering Laptops on the USF Wireless


1. Turn on your laptop and make sure the wireless card is also on.
2. Click on My Network Places from your desktop or go to “My computer-my network places.”
3.Select “View Network Connections”
4. Locate the USF wireless network. (There may be other local networks listed.) You should get a message that you are connected to the USF wireless network.
5. Once you see that you care connected to the USF network, open a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox). The page should automatically open up to the Information Technology Communications website. You should see: “Welcome to the Network Registration server” This is the link to the Welcome Page for the Network Registration Server.
6.Please read the brief information provided and then click on “Begin Registration”. You are required to AGREE with IT policies and requirements before proceeding.
7. Registration is based on your USF email account. If you do not know your USF email, go to the link You will also need to provide a non-USF email account as an alternative method of contact.

Contact Information

Berrie WatsonHead, Systems and Digital TechnologyPhone: 727-873-4402