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Classroom Technology is a joint operation between Instructional Technology Services and Campus Computing that supports the educational technology needs of faculty and students in a classroom setting.
If you require audio visual assistance, please call 873-4409. If you require computer assistance in these rooms, please call 873-HELP (4357).

Faculty members are required to attend a short orientation before using the classroom technology equipment. The orientation should be scheduled with the Instructional Technology Services staff at least 48 hours before using the equipment.  A Bayboro computer access account will also be required to login to the classroom computers which should be attained through Campus Computing prior to orientation and use of the equipment. To schedule an appointment please contact us at the information below


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Voice: (727) 873-4409
Fax: (727) 873-4127

Classroom Equipment Instructions
For your convenience all classrooms are equipped with the same switching, data projection technology, and video playback (VHS DVD). Some rooms have document cameras & SMART Board Technology. Below you will find a PDF of instructions will work universally for each room



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Contact Information

David BrodosiCoordinator, Online Learning Support Services / Instructional Media ServicesPhone: 727-873-4126Fax: 727-873-4127

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