Physical Spaces

Non-Public Spaces

The Library has several non-public spaces that are designed to facilitate the work and promote the mission of the institution and the Library. These spaces may be booked, with the Library Dean’s approval, for use by the USFSP community for meetings or promotional events. These include:

Requests by USFSP groups to use the Library’s non-public spaces for promotional or business events will be reviewed by the Library Dean. Criteria used by the Dean in evaluating a request include:

  • Is the event important to the goals of USFSP?
  • Is the Library a co-sponsor of the event?
  • Is the event organizer affiliated with USFSP?
  • Is the event a high-profile event that may also serve to promote the Library and its services?
  • Will the event or meeting disrupt the work of the Dean or other Library staff (whose work areas adjoin some of the spaces)?
  • Are Library staff needed to assist with setup/cleanup and ingress/egress for the event?
  • Have the organizers arranged for security when the event takes place in whole or in part after the building is closed?
  • Are the event organizers prepared to reimburse the Library for staff expenses related to the event or for damages to or loss of equipment and facilities?
  • Will the Dean or other Library staff be expected to participate in the event in some fashion?
  • Will the Dean or other Library staff be denied access to the area during the event?
  • Is the meeting a business or a social event?
  • Do the organizers need to have access to a staging or preparation area for caterers?
  • Is the event of long or short duration?
  • Have other options within USFSP been explored?

Dean’s Conference Room

The Dean’s Conference Room (Poynter 319) adjoins the Dean’s Suite and the Dean’s Office (Poynter 318). The room was designed to provide essential meeting space for the Dean and other Library staff. The Conference Room has four doorways (normally kept closed and locked): a doorway onto the Library Terrace, a doorway to Special Collections and Archives, a doorway to the Dean’s Office, and a doorway to the Dean’s Suite. Because the Dean’s Office and the Conference Room share a doorway, loud conversations in the Conference Room disrupt the work of the Dean. The Library’s administrative staff have offices in the Dean’s Suite and may also be disturbed by loud conversations or frequent comings and goings in the Conference Room. When not in use by the Dean or Library staff, the Dean’s Conference Room may be booked by members of the USFSP community through theDean’s Office.

The Library Terrace

The Library Terrace is an open-air venue that overlooks beautiful Bayboro Harbor. It can be entered through the Dean’s Conference Room, the Library Staff Lounge, and the Library stairwell. In the event of inclement weather, the Library’s public spaces may not be considered a backup. It is the responsibility of event organizers to secure a secondary location elsewhere within USFSP in case of inclement weather.Requests to use the Terrace may be booked through the Dean’s Office.

Event Organizers are responsible for hiring security for any authorized event that takes place outside of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Non-university community members seeking to use the Library Terrace will be asked to make a $300 contribution to the library. At the discretion of the Library Dean, the contribution may be waived or the amount may be reduced.

Library Staff Lounge

The Library Staff Lounge is for the use of Library staff taking breaks from work or eating a meal. It is accessible by the staff elevator, the Library Terrace (locked except when in use), the back stairwell (keyed access only), and a doorway off an interior public space (keyed access only). If an event for the Terrace has been approved and use of the Staff Lounge has been approved for preparation or staging by caterers, Library staff must continue to have access to the Lounge for their meals and breaks. Requests to use the Staff Lounge as a staging area for Terrace events may be booked through the Dean’s Office .

Professor Harry J. Schaleman, Jr. Research Office

The Professor Harry J. Schaleman, Jr. Research Office has been designed to accommodate visiting scholars to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. The room is filled with artifacts, resources and memorabilia from the extensive travels of Dr. Schaleman (1928-1995), a popular professor of geography at USFSP who visited nearly 200 countries during his lifetime. Upon Professor Schaleman’s death in 1995, an outpouring of donations from colleagues, friends, and former students made it possible to set aside this space for visiting scholars. Application to use the office should be made to the Library Dean.


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