Laptop Checkout

The Poynter Library provides ten (10) Dell Inspiron and seventeen (17) Apple Powerbook Pro laptops for USF students, adjunct faculty and staff. Available for use within the library, these computers are wireless “WiFi” ready, and contain all programs included in the Microsoft Office Suite (ie. Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Internet Access).


Search for Available Laptops for Checkout

Laptops are checked out through the Circulation Desk, and require a USF ID, Driver’s License, and signed borrower agreement. Charged to your library account for a three (3) hour period in the same manner as a book, laptops are for use within the USFSP Library building only, and must be returned promptly or an overdue fine will accrue at the rate of five dollars ($5.00) per hour.

Handy wireless access maps are available to guide users locate the best spots for reception within the library.  For maximum portability, students may also check out a USB Thumb drive and use this handy device to take their work home with them.  Headphones and a portable USB CD writer are available upon request.

To check out a laptop inquire at the Access Services desk between these hours:

Monday – Thursday 8AM to 9 PM  
Friday & Saturday 8AM to 4 PM  
Sunday 1PM to 6 PM  

Note that these hours are during the regular semester, summer and holiday hours may differ. Additionally, we have set the checkout policy to limit the checkout of laptops in the afternoon & evening hours; this is to assure that the equipment is returned to circulation to be cleaned and secured before the library closes.

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