The USFSP Information Commons

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Berrie Watson
Head, USFSP Library Systems
POY 215
Phone: (727) 873-4402

Located throughout the library, but mainly housed on the first floor of the USFSP Nelson Poynter Memorial Library the USFSP Information Commons (USFSP-IC) is the only open-use lab available to all USF students with a valid NetID.  Companion pages that contain information about this area include the Physical Space page for the Information Commons, Guidelines for Software Adoption, the Technology Support Helpdesk,  several FAQ’s, and a listing of both Hardware and Software resources available for use.

An equipment summary and usage listing can be found below, to help you become acquainted with this valuable resource that is available to students, staff and faculty of USFSP and the USF System.

First Floor Information Commons Computers- Fifty Dell Optiplex 9010 desktop computers. These computers are arranged throughout the library, in quiet areas as well as throughout the library 1st Floor Atrium.

Student Scanners - Available in the west side of the Information Commons, an HP Scanjet scanner is available for use with Adobe Photoshop. Usage instructions are available in a guide entitled Instructional Materials: Image Scanning with Photoshop. The guide is offered in Adobe Reader Format.

Presentation Areas - In three locations on the first floor, collaboration station areas allow for group technology interaction. PC and Apple computers can be used to display on large monitors for group work. In the southeast corner of the library, “Poynter Corner”, a flexible computing area provides an open environment designed for events that are scheduled through an online form. Poynter Corner equipment includes a student use computer with reconfigurable furniture, a wide screen LCD television, and a rolling white dry erase board.

Dual Multifunction Printer/Copier Machines - On the east side of the Information Commons, three fast Ricoh Printer/Copiers share the workload of printing papers, spreadsheets and course reserve materials. Print using cash to the “Public Cash Printing” printer choice, or select the default “Ricoh Universal” BullBucks option to print from any machine. All multifunction units serve as copiers. Page costs vary for color, Black & White prints or copies based upon coin or BullBucks payment options.

Wireless Access and Wireless Laptops – Available for student checkout, wireless laptops are for library use and provide the latest technology for quick and reliable computing. Wireless Maps outline the maximum signal strengths within the building, and troubleshooting guides are available. For more information, visit the Wireless Services page. Laptop registration is required for student owned laptops; access to the registration page is available through the wireless network as well as through three WebXpress computers on the Northeast corner of the reference area.

WebXpress & NetID Registration Computers – Two Dell Optiplex computers are available in the northeast corner of the reference area to facilitate new student registration. Access to the Wireless registration site, NetID, and myUSF registration sites is available allow new students to perform these online tasks.

Group Study Rooms with Large LCD Displays- Three first floor group study rooms are equipped with LCD display monitors to connect laptops for group presentations and collaborations. VGA (15 pin), HDMI video and minijack audio inputs are available in these rooms. The rooms are available for checkout through the circulation desk. Please follow the instructions for Instructional Materials:Connecting Laptops to Monitors to connect your laptop to the video display in the rooms.

Student Information Display – Never miss a beat – located on the west end of the reference area under the stairwell, an oversized television cycles a listing of advertisements and reminders of library related information for students.